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Party Walls

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 provides a legal framework in England and Wales when building owner’s proposing to undertake building work or alterations to serve notices on adjoining owner’s where the building work involves the potential to affect the adjoining owner’s property. It is designed to pre-empt construction-related disagreements between neighbours by managing disputes should any arise. It can also prevent building work by one neighbour that can undermine the structural integrity of shared walls or neighbouring properties.
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what is it?

What Is a Party Wall?
  • This is a complex area of the law which covers more than one type of wall
  • A wall that exists as part of a building, and which stands on land owned by more than one party
  • A wall which sits on a single owners land, but which has been enclosed by the adjoining owner, is also deemed a party wall
  • A party fence wall is a wall which stands on the land of different owners and which separates different parcels of land
  • Older properties with a boundary wall separating large gardens and land are often party fence walls
  • The owner on one side commits a trespass if they carry out works to the wall without the consent of their neighbour

More information

Type of works covered by the Party Wall Act:
  • Converting a loft including cutting into boundary walls to support new beams
  • Inserting a damp-proof course
  • Chimney breast removal
  • Work on floors between flats
  • Increasing the thickness of a party wall
  • Demolishing and rebuilding a party wall
  • Extending above a storey which lies on the boundary
  • Building a new wall for an extension, for example, up to or on the boundary
  • Underpinning
  • Excavation work for new foundations
Oval Surveyors can:
  • Provide advice on how the Party Wall etc Act 1996 is required and operates
  • Serving and responding of all notices
  • Acting as the named surveyor (on behalf of a building owner or an adjoining owner) or acting as the agreed surveyor (jointly on behalf of both adjoining and building owners)
  • Undertaking an inspection and producing a Schedule of Condition with photographs
  • Producing a Party Wall Award
  • Negotiation with all parties involved to resolve any issues/disputes that may arise

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