Condition Report - RICS Home Survey Level 1

This service is designed for clients seeking a professional, objective but basic report on the condition of the property. As a result, it is less comprehensive than survey level 2 and survey level 3. A survey level 1 does not include details of causation of defects, advice on repairs or ongoing maintenance.


what is it?

The Condition Report – RICS Home Survey Level 1 includes:
  • A visual inspection that is less extensive than for the other survey levels
  • No tests of the building fabric or services are undertaken
  • The report objectively describes the condition of the building, its services and the grounds
  • It highlights relevant legal issues and any obvious risks to the building, people or grounds
  • The report is succinct and provides an assessment of the relative importance of the defects and problems
  • Where the surveyor is unable to reach a conclusion with reasonable confidence, a recommendation for further investigation is provided
Oval Surveyors aim to:
  • Describe the part or element in enough detail so that it can be properly identified
  • Provide a clear and concise expression of the surveyor’s professional assessment of each part or element
  • Describe the condition of the part or element that justifies the surveyor’s assessment and
  • Help you gain an objective view of the condition of the property

More information

This type of survey is particularly suited to:
  • Conventionally built, modern dwellings in a habitable and satisfactory condition such as standard houses, flats or bungalows
  • Properties less than 10 years old
  • Built from traditional common building materials and is of standard construction such as brick or timber
  • Suited for new builds or ones that have just fallen outside the NHBC warranty
  • It will not suit older, complex or adapted properties, or those in a neglected condition
How long will my report take?
At Oval Surveyors we strive to provide level 1 reports within 3 working days from inspection

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Damien Huang

Oval Surveyors are amazing. Aftar was extremely attentive to my needs as a client and their customer service was top class. Would highly recommend!

Luciana Reid

They are honestly fantastic…professional, timely and genuinely kind people. Alleviated a lot of the stress that comes with buying!! Special thanks to Shanaz who handled my case perfectly.

Sami Suleiman

If you are looking for surveyors that make things easy and simple, Oval are for you. As a seasoned property investor, I’ve had my fair share of bad experiences with other companies. Super impressed.


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